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Sustainable Real Estate

Sustainable Real Estate

We care for our local environment and encourage everyone who enjoys living or holidaying here to think differently about how they and design and build their homes for a more sustainable future.

New Zealanders want all of our buildings to be happy, healthy places. For our children. For our businesses. For our whānau. For our environment, so we can breathe fresh air and swim in unpolluted water.

Looking after what’s indoors, helps look after the great New Zealand outdoors, and provide a clean, healthy and happy legacy for our children, for our mokopuna, for generations to come.


What is "Sustainable Real Estate"?

Through more efficient use of energy, and by providing pleasant and healthy new homes, real estate can have a positive impact on the environment and on our well-being. The majority of people spend most of their time indoors, and it is important that buildings are both pleasant and healthy places to work and live.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasise the importance of climate action, sustainable cities and a livable indoor environment. By investing in sustainable real estate, we contribute to the climate action goals and sustainable living.


Our Goals in Real Estate:

1. Combat climate change by increasing energy efficiency and generating renewable energy;

2. Contribute to the spatial quality of the surroundings to create livable cities and healthy communities;

3. Create buildings that meet the needs of users and occupants and that contribute to their health and safety.


Buildings are considered sustainable when they provide their occupants with a pleasant and healthy environment, when the burden on the natural environment is kept to a minimum, when the investments generate a solid return and the buildings add quality to their surroundings.



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