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What is YOUR Property Worth?

Find out what your property is worth in today's market

If you've been thinking about selling your home or investment property, and want to know how much your property could be worth then fill in the quick and easy form below. 

After requesting an appraisal, we will contact you to make a suitable time to meet with you and view your property. During this time, we will first inspect your property then discuss your thoughts on selling needs. Following the meeting we will then complete market research on your behalf so that we can better establish the market value of your property 

In our experience most property owners want to also discuss the following points:

  • The positioning of their property in the market
  • Which method of sale is right for their property
  • What will the marketing plan look like
  • How much will it cost to sell their property

We will discuss these points in details with you and suggest that all decision makers be in attendance so that questions can be answered at this time.


Want To Know What Your Property Is Worth? We Can Help.

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