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Selling Options

Selling Options

We can help you select the best marketing options for your home. Whether it's how to sell, where to place your advertising, or how best to present your home for viewing, we can provide you with the right advice.

How you sell your property is a big decision and requires careful consideration. There are four basic methods:
  • Auction
  • Tender 
  • Exclusive listing
  • General listing

Auction is one of the oldest methods of marketing, dating back to Roman times, with potential buyers bidding against each other for your property. A well-run auction programme means we will put concentrated time and effort into ensuring that your property gets maximum exposure. Selling by auction provides a real opportunity for you to get more for your property than you expect.

The auction marketing campaign that you choose will be tailored to deliver maximum exposure within the first three weeks on the market - the time your property is most likely to sell. You set a date for the sale of your home. Not only does this create a sense of urgency among buyers and the sales consultants on our team, it allows you to plan ahead, knowing a definite date has been set for the sale of your home.

Other benefits of selling by auction:
  • • You set the auction terms and conditions, including the possession date.
  • • Your home is only open at times which suit you.
  • • The level of market interest will help you gauge your reserve price.
  • • The "no price" aspect will attract more genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers.
  • • The competitive auction environment offers the greatest chance for a premium price.
  • • You have the option to accept offers prior to auction day.
  • • If your property is "passed in" at the auction, it will then be exposed on the open market as an exclusive listing.

When you offer your property for sale by tender, everyone with an interest to purchase must seal their offer (tender) in an envelope and deposit it with us by a predetermined date and time. All tenders are opened together and you choose the one most favourable to you.

Tender is another opportunity for you to create a competitive situation without stating a price. You set the terms, conditions and the deadline, and prospective buyers have only one opportunity to put forward their most competitive bid. Because tender is another method of marketing without a price, it increases the number of enquiries and inspections, as well as the opportunity to obtain the very best price for your property.

Exclusive Listing
When you list exclusively you put your trust in one organisation which takes on sole responsibility for the sale of your home. We make sure we earn your trust before we ask you to list exclusively with us. And we make sure that we fulfill our responsibilities.
When you entrust us with the sale of your home, you approve a personal marketing plan, which will provide promotional services designed to get your property noticed by the right people.

General Listing
This involves several sales consultants from different companies all trying to sell your home. It might sound good, but the reality is that your property becomes everyone's listing and no-one's responsibility. General listing can work - sometimes. Many people who choose this method experience a lot of frustration and disappointment, which we wants to help you avoid.

Just want to talk things over? Get in touch with us for some expert advice.